Custom Meats opened in 2017 and brought the tradition of whole animal butchery.  We are dedicated to working with small, local, family farms who share not only our ideals for quality and taste of food but also our values for animal and environmental welfare.  We source only from farms where Angus cows and Dorset lambs are raised on grassy pastures and heritage breed Berkshire pigs roam freely, enjoying fallen acorns until they’re content.

Whole animals are delivered to us weekly and we break them down entirely in house.  Everything is cut and hand-crafted by our highly experienced team.  From our delicious, freshly-made sausages, smoked pulled-pork and bacon, to our fresh-cut and dry-aged steaks, everything is done right here at Custom Meats.  This process also ensures full transparency to our customers, reflecting the efforts of our farmers and our respect for their animals.  At Custom Meats we are committed to bringing real butchery and food traditions back.  We are an old school butchery with modern day ideals.